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A brief summary

Sonal Gold Institute is an Authorised Training Centre - PKD/20111(Approved By Bharat Sevak Samaj, National Development Agency, Promoted By Government of India) in India to teach students those who are aspirants towards gold analysis.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to gold
  • Basic Metallurgy
  • Type of solders
  • Weights and Balances
  • Hall Marking
  • Assaying
  • Touch Stone Testing


  • Exposure to world class practices followed in the industry
  • This certification will add value to participant's current career prospects
  • Course is designed by experts in the field


  • To instigate the audience in grasping the concepts, not get bugged by the grammer of the topic as far as possible make all the sessions interactive with the participants and employing collaborative group learning



How Sonal Gold Institute Can Help your organisation optimize the audit appraising process

As an executive in a company who is interested in improving the value being received from your outsourcing relationships and would like to take advantage of Sonal Gold Institute’s experience to assist you, our firm can help in a number of ways including.

Audit appraising process assessment :

Our specialist will evaluate the audit appraising process from a value perspective and make recommendations.

Evaluate & Modify the Audit appraising process :

In many cases, the present evaluation, proposal, & selection process being used in many banks is not so detailed and may not go with the correct technical aspects. Because of which the risk factor contributes more in the gold loan business. Times have changed and this process must be more dynamic and more to be done by technically qualified team. Our firm would custom design a more efficient process that meets each client’s needs incorporating our outsourcing and relationship management best practices learned from years of experience and research.

Post-implementation process :

Our back end team deploy audit appraisers to various branches based on your input and do execute the audit process through the scientific method with the below mentioned key points.

"Identification of fake jewellery Purity verification process Stone weight reduction and deriving correct net weight of the ornaments. Identification of loan non common items against which the loan is issued."

Process :

  1. Bank to share the verification criteria / report format to Sonal Gold Institute which in turn will be used by the audit appraisers.

  2. Bank to share the verification criteria / report format to Sonal Gold Institute which in turn will be used by the audit appraisers. Bank to share the list of branches with account details and the number of packs in advance. SGI will review the same and allocate the audit appraisers based on the list and share the proposed starting date to Bank along with the audit appraiser’s information.

  3. On confirmation from bank, Sonal Gold Institute will depute their audit appraisers at the respective branch for auditing.

  4. Branch gold process in-charge will issue the pouches to the auditor for verification.

  5. Audit appraiser does the 100% verification on the pouches supplied by the branch and fills the verification report on daily basis.

  6. On successful completion of branch the compiled summary of report will be shared to the Bank. Original report will be send along with the bill for payment process.

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